Panic Hardware Sales, Installation & Service

Commercial Panic Hardware Sales, Installation & Service in the Tampa, St. Pete & Clearwater area.

commercial panic hardware american door company tampa bay floridaIt is important for businesses to have properly functioning commercial panic hardware to keep employees and patrons safe. If you are in need of commercial panic hardware repair, contact the professionals at American Door Company.

With over 30 years in the business, we’ve helped local businesses by installing and repairing these devices. Commercial panic hardware needs to be maintained not only for safety purposes, but to prevent businesses from encountering expensive code violations, which can be costly. We understand what is required and can help you ensure your business is operating according to the important codes regarding this critical area.

Panic hardware repair and installation is a small investment that American Door Company would be happy to assist your business with and will do it at the right price. We have many different options to choose from in our shop. Just take a look at all the panic hardware we have to offer and find what fits your commercial business needs the best!

If necessary, our knowledgable and professional technicians can perform same day service to quickly make your building safe and up to code. By trusting us for your commercial panic hardware repair needs you can rest assured that your building will be safe for all who enter. And there’s nothing better than knowing you’re not operating your business at risk.