Push Paddle Exit Device For Narrow Stile Panic Doors


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American Door Company sells narrow stile panic door exit devices and cross bar panic door exit devices. Our narrow stile and cross bar exit devices are UL 305 panic rated, ADA compliant, and suitable for narrow, medium, and wide stile doors. Exterior door lever and pull trim is also available.

  • Push Pad Exit Device
  • For Exterior Doors That Swing Out And Leftward When Standing Outside Door (Left Hand Reverse)
  • Works With Narrow, Medium, And Wide Stile Aluminum Or Hollow Metal Doors (Not Wood Doors)
  • Screw Driver Dogging Feature
  • ADA Compliant
  • Exterior Trim Available In Entry And Passage Functions
  • Fabricated With Cast Aluminum Lever And Steel Mechanism
  • Powder Coated Bronze Finish.