Panic Exit Devices

American Door Company discounts quality rim panic exit devices and surface vertical rod panic exit devices. All panic exit hardware hardware we sell is ANSI grade 1 (500,000 cycle minimum life) and ADA compliant. Our fire rated panic exit hardware hardware has a UL10C three-hour fire rating, is ANSI grade 1 and ADA compliant. Exterior panic exit device trim levers and pulls are sold separately.

Typically (but not always) fire rated exit devices are used for interior doors while panic rated devices are used for doors that open to the exterior of the building. It is important that you check with you local fire or life safety officers and/or building code inspectors to determine the correct exit device hardware for your application.

Our panic and fire rated exit devices are fabricated from high-quality steel or stainless steel and are available in either powder coated aluminum or satin stainless steel finishes.

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